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The cutest black babies you ever did see #chocolate #nofilter #hearts  (at Original ChopShop Co. Tempe)

Coming at y’all live, from Tempe, AZ! Check out my blog that has officially been released by ONE! Two other kickass female leaders and I have been chosen to be highlighted this month for International Day of the Girl! We will by flying to DC next week to participate in the AYA Summit at Google HQ! #onecampus @onecampus @onegirlswomen

What are bathrooms, anyway?

The bathroom has escaped the scholarly investigation. I found this video that highlights the same points as to why we should queer bathrooms as a space. Bathrooms are fundamental - so much happens in them… take a look!

Scary Evil Twin, omg

Stryker suggests that Queer Studies is the evil twin of Transgender studies. I think this is true for many reasons and honestly, in queering all of this, I think it is productive to take stances on whether or not a certain community who claims to represent a sub-group, does so for the aim of the sub-group, seeing that if a community isn’t able to represent the sub-group in this way, the sub-group’s visibility is compromised because they’re being visible to the public/society in a way that doesn’t represent the groups true essence, and I think that this is the premise of Stryker’s humor - Trans-identity is not sexual. It should be be considered an identity that doesn’t assume sexual orientation.

We talk about discourse and rhetoric a lot in Queer Studies, and sometimes its hard to materialize these concepts because things can be said wrongly, especially when you’re in an position where you have to be sensitive to the verbal and communicational needs of many groups of people because we are creature that function in a multifaceted way and can’t be described in one way or another.

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DC, it’s been too long! See you in 17 days! #travel #advocate #ontheroadagain #change #women #empowerment #capital #USA #nofilter
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"I crave touch, yet I flinch every time someone is close enough."
I have become rather fearful I suppose.  (via dollpoetry)

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